I am, like most of you, thinking of all the things I am truly thankful for. At the top of that list is family, time with family, friends, my home, and my jobs. But, I have also thought about those unnecessary luxuries that I feel should also get some love. They are those things, that while unnecessary, make my life easier, richer, and more fun. I am first world thankful for the following:


  • Online shopping. If you love the mall, the big sale, more power to you. For me, however, going to the mall or to a busy department store is what I would imagine schlepping through hell would be like. Online shopping is my idea of retail heaven. I can sit in my favorite recliner, drink a frothy beverage, and get Christmas done.

  • The remote start and heated seats in my car. I run cold so these things make my day. No longer do I shake and shiver all the way to work. Once there, it would take my body, and my personality, an hour to unthaw. I’m sure they don’t know it, but my 6th graders are thankful I have them too.

  • College football. Never, in the history of mankind, has there been a better use of a Saturday than college football. I love screaming at the TV, or high fiving, waving, and whistling in a stadium with thousands of other like minded fans. It is the day that I get to exorcise all the stress and annoyances from the week. The worst day of the year is when the national championship is played and I have to remove my butt from the couch and find another outlet that will never work as well.

  • Variety. I wanted to write variety of beer, but then I realized that I like variety in a lot of things. I know I am extremely spoiled with the amount of choices I have in all of my favorite things including beer, food, shoes, TV shows, music, and movies. When I walk into my local pub, it almost brings me tears looking at that long row of taps that change monthly. I grew up with three TV stations, four on a clear day, and a place to rent movies that carried maybe twenty five VHS tapes to rent. Gram and I watched the same movies over and over. If Gram were alive today, she would simply shake her head as I scrolled through the choices displayed on my humongous flat screen TV and mutter, “Hell’s Friday!” Variety really is the spice of life!  


As long as we remember the real stuff we are thankful for, I think it’s OK to thank the universe for those first world items as well. What are you first world thankful for on this fine Thanksgiving day?


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