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I admit there are times in my life when I’m not getting my way that I would really love to just shut down like a toddler in the midst of a tantrum. Luckily, or maybe not so luckily, that’s not reality for anyone except our government. And, by the way, I blame all of them, not just a person, not just a party. Reality for most, if not all, of us is that we must compromise, we must figure out a way to make things work. However, one cannot help but think what would happen if we could just shut it down. For example, I have something right now that I would love to just say, “Despite the negative effects, we can’t agree, so I’m shutting it down.”


I create a menu and grocery shop for two weeks at a time. This menu and my grocery shopping are often a source of disagreement in my family. First, there’s deciding what to put on the menu. It seems that everybody hates something and doesn’t want it on there. I hate to cook, so shutting this down seems like a pretty good idea. Sorry kids, no dinner, we are on shut down.


Then there’s the grocery list. If it’s not on my list, I don’t buy it. I cannot read minds, so if my kids decide they would really like some Goldfish to snack on, that should have been on the list. If those flavor blasted crackers are not on my list, then guess what? There’s no Goldfish in the pantry. This type of absence usually leads to loud whining about there being no food in our house. Let’s shut this down. There will be no grocery shopping until it works my way.

This sounds awesome for a bit. Then my rational, adult brain kicks in. I want my family to have dinner together every night. This is the one time I can count on to find out what’s going on in my teenagers’ lives. And I want my kids to eat healthy. Running to a fast food place for their meals and snacks is not good for them or the budget. So, damn’t, we have to talk about our issues. We will probably all have to compromise, and that will be hard. There may be yelling, probably even swearing, but we’ll get it done. And, bonus, my kids will have learned something about compromise.

Let’s face it, we’ve made it easy for our politicians to act like toddlers. We have a culture where there’s winners and losers. When that’s the culture, then guess what, there’s no meeting in the middle, there’s no give and take, there’s no compromise. We cease to be a Democracy. We become a Dictatorship because it’s winner takes all. So, to our government, would you just put on your big boy/girl pants and do something?