The Boise area is the number one fastest growing area in the United States. So, of course, that’s where we are and where the Withers family needs a new house for reasons that should be obvious (to anyone who knows me anyway) from the picture. Despite my aversion to having complete strangers looking down into my backyard, I have been assured that my house will sell quickly because of the market we are in. The problem, however, is finding a house. In my head, picking my new dream home should go much differently.


I think it is only fair to reward those of us who have actually lived in Idaho the longest. Therefore, because I am fifth or sixth generation (I lose track) Idahoan, I think I should get preferential treatment in the house hunt. The way things are, new builders will not do any contingency offers, but in my world, they would say, “Oh, you are a real Idahoan? Well, then that changes everything. Not only will we take a contingency offer, but you also get the Real Idahoan Discount. Welcome home, and thank you for having ancestors that homesteaded in this great state.”


If only things were as just as they are in my imagination. This is nothing like it really is, so send your positive thoughts into the universe because this Idahoan needs a new house!