My family's washer recently crapped out after twelve years of worthy service. We are a tall family, so we thought that this would be a great opportunity to save our backs and purchase washer and dryer pedestals. We did not realize these pedestals would cost $250 each. After muttering a "Hell's Friday!" I decided to build a platform myself. It's really pretty easy, especially because we didn't care about using it for storage. And, it saved a bunch of money. 

Step 1: Measure the appliances and the area, including height, where you want your platform to be. As you can see, my laundry room is small. My platform would be 59" x 30", and I could safely do a height of 12 inches.

Step 2: Build a sturdy frame that will support the weight of your washer and dryer. I used 2x12s and 3" deck screws. 


Step 3: Cut the top for your platform from 3/4" plywood. I bought sanded plywood so I could prime and paint easily later. I attached the top with 2" deck screws. 


Step 4: Add whatever you would like to the front to give it interest. I decided on corner molding, and I happened to find a piece of panelling in the clearance area at Home Depot. The cashier decided that nobody on earth would want this little beat up piece of panelling except me so she gave it to me for free. It was really quick to attach the panelling and corners with glue and finishing nails.

Step 5: Prime and paint. That's it! The only thing left is getting your washer and dryer onto your platform. I recommend purchasing delivery with your appliances or having strong friends who can be bribed with beer. 


The cost to build the platform was about $100. Definitely cheaper than the boring metal pedestals. Of course, spending time at Home Depot on a weekday morning when the customers are other teachers off for summer break or retirees who love to hear about your project, and using your hands to build something useful, are priceless side effects.


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