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Hell's Friday is Actually Hell's Monday in My School


I am a 6th grade English teacher at a Title One, Free Lunch, Boys and Girls Club is right around the corner middle school. My students come from hard working families trying to live paycheck to paycheck. Most of my peers at other schools talk about how hard Fridays are. In other words, they can be Hell’s Fridays and not in a good way. At my school, however, it is Mondays which tend to be hell. It took me a bit to figure out why this is.


In our population, the weekend is not always helpful to a student’s education. We, their teachers, have no idea how the weekend went. Was there enough food? If there was food, how nutritious was it? Did our students get enough sleep over the weekend, especially on Sunday night? Was there enough family time, attention paid, and love given to them? When the answer to one or more of these questions is no, we see the results on Monday at school. It gives new meaning to The Bangles song, “Manic Monday.”


In order to combat a student’s weekend, I come in extra early on Monday mornings. I have found that the more organized I can be, and the more structure I can provide, it helps my students find their calm. I find that if I’m frantic in any way, it makes our Monday so much worse. I don’t know how their weekend went, and I can’t control it. What I can control is how their week goes. So, bring it on Hell’s Monday!